Various Artists (2011) Murdered And Raped… Touched Again… (Compilation) (2CD-R) (Limited)

Comes in a half size DVD box with insert. Digital printed color artwork and pro-done cdrs.
Limited to 40 copies.

1.1 Griz+zlor Razors And Ropes 15:07
1.2 Vomir Untitled 14:36
1.3 Die Reitenden Leichen Kill The Priests, Rape The Nuns (Dedicated To The Rita) 10:00
1.4 Die Reitenden Leichen Gruft Is In The Heart 5:20
1.5 Sturmgeschütz Hanging Hitchers And Switchblade Smiles 10:31
2.1 Last Rape The Virgin Spring Pt. 1 10:47
2.2 Last Rape The Virgin Spring Pt. 2 6:22
2.3 Terminal Erection Forced Entry 19:28
2.4 Indch Libertine Wonderland 17:09
2.5 Dead Body Collection …But I Think I’ll Just Rape You And Kill You Instead 17:28

Rapidgator (Free)

Filefactory (Premium)

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